5 Cheapest Universities In Los Angeles For International Students

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In this article, I will show you the 5 cheapest universities in Los Angeles for international students desiring to study in the United States of America.

Are you considering getting admission to a school that will not be too heavy on your pocket?  Then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you are going to get answers to all these questions.

Los Angeles ranked high on the list of the most famous cities in the world. The city is ethnically diverse and houses major entertainment companies, including the well-renowned Hollywood.

In the State of California in the US, Los Angeles features as the largest city, while also emerging as the second largest city in the US. It is also the second most populous city in the US.  The city boasts of many attractions that make it a preferred choice for many international students.

If you are an international student who will like to school in Los Angeles and are wondering how you can select a school with a good educational package offer and cheap fee payments, here you are going to know the 5 cheapest universities in Los Angeles that are available for international students.

You can easily make a selection of your choice from this list. However, please note that the matter of being cheap is not only about the amount being small but also about what the school has to offer in comparison to the payment required.

So do not start to wonder how one or two schools made it into this list when the price looks as if on the high side.

California State University, Los Angeles

Founded in 1947 as the Los Angeles college of applied arts and sciences, California State University is located on the Hills site of the lush University, with a population spanning about 26,000 students, 129 Bachelor’s degree programs, and master’s degree programs totalling 112, and doctorate courses numbering four.

All these are available for selection for any international student who meets the eligibility criteria. The tuition fee for undergraduate study programs at the California state university is about 17,700 per annum for international students.

However, competition for California State University is always intense, and the school, therefore, has one of the lowest admissions rates, even though the international student body of the university is about 7.6%.

California State University, Northridge

The California state university in Northridge was founded in the year 1958 and is one of the CSU schools that is based in Los Angeles.

The school’s programs are categorized into Engineering and Computer Science, Business and Economics, Mathematics and Behavioral Sciences, Arts, Media and Communication.

The school offers 68 bachelor’s degrees, 70 master’s degree programs and 4 doctoral degree program courses, with a student population figure of around 34,000.

The university is one of the most diverse universities in the United States and has more than 3000 international students from over a hundred countries around the world.

With tuition fees for international students that go as low as $17,622, California State University is acknowledged as the most affordable education institution of higher learning of its kind in Los Angeles.

West Coast University, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Campus of the Western Coast University is located in North Hollywood, an area Northwest of Los Angeles downtown, and its goal is the provision of an improved nursing school experience.

Whether it is for study groups or some sort of quiet time, plenty of study areas are made available by the school campus.

If as an international student, your desire to pursue a career and an educational qualification in the health field in one of the best schools in Los Angeles with minimal cost, then an ideal school to consider that suits these frame is the West Coast University, either it is for graduate or undergraduate courses.

The school provides innovative technical training and experiential learning with its unique special degree completion options and fully online programs.  Tuition for international students’ bachelor’s program at West Coast University ranges from $21,670 to $36,316.

University of Southern California

California’s oldest institution of private higher education also features in the list of the cheapest private universities for international students with best practices.

The University of Southern California was founded by Robert Widney in 1880, in the city of Los Angeles, and is ranked as one of the best-performing institutions of higher learning in the US.

More than any other institution of learning, the Alumni of the University of Southern California have gone to Academy and Emmy Awards. USC is composed of the college of letters, arts and science, liberal arts school, and undergraduate schools numbering 22.

Across the world, USC is recognized as the initiator of the domain name system, dynamic programming, antivirus computing, and so on.

The school has international students from more than 115 countries all over the world and enrols about 28,000 postgraduate students and 21,000 undergraduate students. Tuition fees for international students are a little higher than $63,468.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

If you are an international student who desires a University in Los Angeles with a slight color and race peculiarity to its history, and you have your sight on a medical degree, then the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science perfectly suits you.

Charles R Drew University was founded in the year 1966 to respond to the Wyatts region of Los Angeles medical access inadequacy.

The school was named in honor of Charles R. Drew, and has three colleges which are; school of Nursing, the College of Science and Health, and the College of Medicine.

The Motto of CDU is “a private University with a public mission” Charles R. Drew University offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programs and has carved a name for itself as one of the best medical schools available in the US.

Tuition for international students at Charles R. Drew University is $14,415. This is an amount that does not eat too deep into the pocket of the student even while the school offers quality education.


These are the 5 cheapest available universities in the city of Los Angeles in the US for international students. With the brief features and profile of the schools laid bare in this piece, feel free to go ahead and make a choice from the list of the one which suits your bill and desires the most.

However, understand that no matter any of the schools that you choose, being cheap does not mean a lack of quality. Every school on this list offers you a quality education, therefore, any choice from the list is quite safe.

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