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athabasca university online courses

Are you searching online for Athabasca University online courses, acceptance rate, tuition or admission requirements? This is the right article for you. This guide features all you need to know about the Athabasca University. Read on!

Athabasca University which is also known as AU is a Canadian public research university that was established in 1970.

The university primarily operates through online distance education. It is one of the four comprehensive academic and research universities in the state of Alberta and was the first Canadian university that made distance education an area of specialty.

Athabasca University Undergraduate Online Courses

Athabasca undergraduate courses are studies that can lead to someone acquiring a bachelor’s degree, diploma or certificate. The university has an open enrolment which simply means that anyone at the age of 16 or older can take undergraduate courses.

1. ACCT: Accounting

  • ACCT 250: Accounting for Managers
  • The ACCT 253: Introductory Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 345: Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • ACCT 351: Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • The ACCT 352: Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • ACCT 355: Cost Analysis
  • ACCT 356: Strategic and Competitive Analysis
  • The ACCT 451: Advanced Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 460: Principles of Auditing

2. ADMN: Administration

  • ADMN 100: Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business
  • The ADMN 201: Introduction to Business Studies
  • ADMN 232: Introduction to Management
  • ADMN 233: Writing in Organizations
  • The ADMN 404: Capstone I: Strategic Management
  • ADMN 415: Strategy and Technology Innovation
  • ADMN 417: International Business Management
  • The ADMN 499: Directed Study in Administrative Studies

3. ADST: Architectural Design Studio

  • ADST 200: Foundations of Design I
  • The ADST 205: Foundations of Design II
  • ADST 300: Foundations of Architectural Design: Elements
  • ADST 490: Foundations of Architectural Design: Workplace

4. ANTH: Anthropology

  • ANTH 272: Introduction to Archaeology
  • The ANTH 278: Human Evolution and Diversity
  • ANTH 310: Primate Behaviour
  • ANTH 320: Ancient Cities & Civilizations
  • The ANTH 335: Ecological Anthropology
  • ANTH 354: Language and Culture
  • ANTH 362: First Peoples of Canada
  • The ANTH 375: The Anthropology of Gender
  • The ANTH 377: Ancient Cultures of North America
  • ANTH 378: Human Sexualities
  • ANTH 384: The Family in World Perspective
  • The ANTH 390: Community-Based Research Methods
  • ANTH 401: Ethnography, the Writing of Culture
  • ANTH 402: Ethnographic Research Methods
  • The ANTH 405: Special Topics in Archaeology
  • ANTH 406: Special Topics in Anthropology
  • ANTH 434: The History of Anthropological Thought
  • The ANTH 436: Topics in Primate Cognition
  • ANTH 476: Archaeological Theory
  • ANTH 499: Medical Anthropology

5. APST: Applied Studies

  • APST 215: Introduction to Graphic Representation
  • The APST 230: Materials, Properties, and Applications
  • APST 240: Introduction to Structures
  • APST 255: Computer Aided Design
  • The APST 340: Advanced Structures
  • APST 350: Applied Architectural Sciences
  • The APST 470: Building Envelope and Assemblies
  • APST 480: Mechanical Equipment of Buildings

6. ARCH: Architecture

  • ARCH 200: History of Ideas in Architecture
  • The ARCH 420: Contemporary Architectural Theory and Research

7. ARHI: Art History

  • ARHI 301: Canadian Visual Culture

8. ASTR: Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • ASTR 205: Universe – The Ultimate Frontier
  • The ASTR 310: Planetary Science
  • ASTR 495: Astronomy and Astrophysics Projects I
  • ASTR 496: Astronomy and Astrophysics Projects II

9. BIOL: Biology

  • BIOL 204: Principles of Biology I
  • The BIOL 207: Principles of Biology II
  • BIOL 310: Biology of Human Sexuality
  • BIOL 401: Cell Biology

10. BTMA: Business Technology Management Administration

  • BTMA 320: Overview of e-Commerce
  • The BTMA 444: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Other Courses Offered By Athabasca University Are:

11. CHEM: Chemistry

12. CLAS: Classics

13. CLST: Cultural Studies

14. CMIS: Computers and Management Information Systems

15. CMNS: Communication Studies

16. COMM: Communications

17. COMP: Computer Science

18. CRJS: Criminal Justice

19. ECOM: e-Commerce

20. ECON: Economics

21. EDPY: Educational Psychology

22. EDUC: Education

23. ENGL: English Language and Writing Skills

24. ENGL: English

25. ENSC: Environmental Science

26. ENTP: Entrepreneurship

27. ENVS: Environmental Studies

28. FNCE: Finance

29. FREN: French

30. GEOG: Geography

31. GEOL: Geology

32. GLST: Global Studies

33. GOVN: Governance

34. HADM: Health Administration

35. HERM: Heritage Resources Management

36. HIST: History

37. HLST: Health Studies

38. HRMT: Human Resource Management

39. HSRV: Human Services

40. HUMN: Humanities

41. IDRL: Industrial Relations

42. INBU: Indigenous Business Studies

43. INFS: Information Systems

44. INST: Indigenous Studies

45. INTR: International Relations

46. LBST: Labour Studies

47. LGST: Legal Studies

48. MATH: Mathematics

49. MGSC: Management Science

50. MKTG: Marketing

51. MUSI: Music

52. NURS: Nursing

53. NUTR: Nutrition

54. ORGB: Organizational Behaviour

55. PHIL: Philosophy

56. PHYS: Physics

58. 57. POEC: Political Economy

59. POLI: Political Science

60. PSYC: Psychology

61. RELS: Religious Studies

62. SCIE: Science

63. SOCI: Sociology

64. SOSC: Social Science

65. SPAN: Spanish

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Athabasca University Acceptance Rate

Athabasca University’s admission is available in different intakes round the year and requires a non-refundable application fee of $118 CAD. The university observes a moderate acceptance rate and a high employment rate which is nearly 93%.

Athabasca University Tuition

The university of Athabasca tuition and fees are calculated differently for undergraduate and graduate students and will also vary depending on your choice of course, where you live and other individual circumstances.

Athabasca tuition is charged by the course, and is estimated on a per-credit basis. While most courses are 2 or 3 credits, course credit values range from 0 to 9 credits. You can estimate the cost of your course via

However, the estimated tuition for Athabasca University is about $4,660 CAD and $9,320 CAD For international students.

Athabasca University Admission Requirements

Athabasca University receives applicants for undergraduate studies from different variety of educational backgrounds. To qualify as an undergraduate student, you must be 16 years and above, also you must demonstrate English language proficiency. No other conditions apply, though some programs does require prior education to register.

Athabasca University Rankings

The Athabasca University Rankings are as follows:

Scimago Institutions Rankings

#57 in Canada

#614 in the world

StuDocu World University Ranking

#40 in Canada

#289 in the world

Webometrics Ranking

#44 in Canada

#1514 in the world


Athabasca University Online Courses is a very reputable institution in Canada, their main advantage is that it provides the opportunity for people to study and also work to meet end needs.

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