Best Memory Care Facilities To Work In Canada And USA

Memory Care Facilities and Nursing homes are regarded as the same thing by many. But this is not entirely the case. Nursing homes may offer services of Memory Care Facilities, but still that does not mean the two are exactly the same thing.

Memory Care Facilities provides long term residential care type to people who has memory issues. Such as Alzheimer’s & Dementia. They are also referred to as Assisted Living Facilities. Many Nursing homes have special neighbourhoods for memory care.

Memory enhancing activities, therapies, and 24 hour care coordinated by specialised Staff in a secured environment are the features of a Memory care Facility.

Bathing, dressing, toileting, housekeeping, assistance with daily living, meals are all part of the provisions of a Memory Care Facility.

What is the difference between a Memory Care Facility and a Nursing Home?

What then is the difference between Memory Care Facilities and Nursing Homes?

The difference between the two is that, while Memory Care Facilities focus on care for people with memory issues alone, Nursing Homes care for people with all manners of medical issues that makes living at home quite difficult. See Best nursing schools in America

Memory care facilities near me are more of a home-like set up, but nursing homes are more of a hospital-like, clinical type of setting.

Benefits of Memory Care Facilities

What are the benefits of Memory Care Facilities? Why should it be patronised by those with memory issues?

Here we highlight some of the advantages offered by memory care facilities, reasons why those who have loved with memory issues should take the step of getting them into memory care.

  • 24 hours around the clock support.
  • Access to professional health services and care.
  • Nutritional well planned meals and diets.
  • Toileting and incontinence care.
  • Good personal care assistance.
  • Complimentary transportation and mobility.
  • A highly secure environment to prevent wandering.
  • Layouts are uniquely set to reduce confusion.
  • Staff to resident ratio is low.
  • An opportunity to socialize

Best Memory Care Facilities To Work in the US And Canada

Are you in need of a Memory Care Facility for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and Dementia or any other Memory issue and wondering which is the best available option around for you? We got you covered here. You are about to find out.

Here we will list some of the best memory care facilities available around the country. We will discuss some things about some of them that makes them unique. Then you can make a choice that you think best fits for you.

Canterfield of Tallahassee

The Canterfield of Tallahassee Memory care facility is located in Tallahassee, Florida. Designed to feel more like a hotel and unlike a retirement home. The facility opened in 2019, with 91 units in the building out of which 20 of the units falls into a locked memory wing.

Canterfield of Tallahassee offers all 3 care levels and is also best for affordability. If you are looking for a memory care facility that will not eat too deep into your pocket and Florida is a place under great consideration for you, then Canterfield of Tallahassee would be an ideal choice. Its amenities and facilities though expensive are offered at a lower cost.

Westbrook Senior Living

Westbrook Senior living is acclaimed in many quarters as the best memory care facility in the US. Located in Streamwood, Illinois, Westbrook stands out for its beautiful and new environment with all needed facilities available. It provides daily activities services and also offers Montessori based memory care programme.

Westbrook was opened in 2020, therefore, it is still new and clean, not just that, it is well maintained. Courtyards, fitness facilities, outdoor patio and so on are also some of the available facilities in Westbrook.

Nurses and Licensed care stall are available 24 hours a day at Westbrook Senior Living. If this location is appropriate for your choice of a memory care facility and you don’t mind the cost so much, Westbrook will be a good choice for you.

Serenity House

Serenity House memory care facility stands out for its large rooms with patios which allows for visitors, serenity, and on site hospice staff. It is located in Santa Barbara, California. Bereavement counsellors, hospice physicians, registered nurses and 24 hour care services are available at Serenity house Santa Barbara.

If this area is your ideal location for a choice of a Memory Care facility, then its a good place that you should give a go.

Brookdale North Scottsdale Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions is located at 15436 North 64th St.,Scottsdale. It is a Memory Care Facility that is unique for its security, good private room structure, facility hygiene and large floor plan. It offers all three levels of care and when compared to others in the area. The pricing is less expensive.

Community outings, movie nights, fitness classes, small group activities, 24 hours on ground care team, are some of the available factors and services that makes Brooksdale North Scottsdale a unique one among others. Its staffs have gotten many good reviews for their highly attentive and effective care.

The Residences at Thomas Circle.

The Residences at Thomas Circle is located at 1330 Massachusetts Ave. NW., Washington, D.C., an area surrounded by many local amenities. Karaoke and Dancing are 2 of the fun activities that are inculcated into its therapy seasons. Staffs at Residences at Thomas are well experienced in handling seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. Read also Amazon virtual jobs

The location, staff, services, and setup have all been reported as excellent by the residents. Its resident capacity is 55, and its services include Memory Care, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing, and Respite.

80th Street Residence.

80th Street Residence has private room types with a 70 resident capacity and provides solely Memory Care. The staffs of 80th street Resident community are specially trained in the handling of personalised devices for residents with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Body disease, and Alzheimer’s. Included in its therapeutic recreation programmes are; resident volunteer opportunities, life music performances, trip to operas and so on.

The 80th Street Residence facility is well commended for its safety, and its staffs operate with a unique understanding of the residents being attended to. If this location is appropriate for your choice of a Memory Care Facility, then 80th street Residence would be just a perfect choice.

Other good Options.

Other good Memory Care Facilities around the country are;

  • Grand Oaks Assisted Living.
  • Belmont Village Rancho Palos Verdes.
  • Elmcroft of Saxonburg.
  • Sunrise of Newton.
  • Pacifca Senior Living Palm Springs.
  • Area Summit Hills

There you have a list of some of the best Memory Care Facilities around the US. You can easily select any in the pool that suits you. And please share this piece for wider reach.

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