Best nursing schools in America

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Are you looking for the best nursing schools in America to pursue your nursing career? We have you covered on that. As you read on, you will find answers to your questions in this post.

Being a registered nurse requires passing through the professional training process. This is because nurses deal with human life and well being. That is why it is important to get this training from the best nursing colleges.

Courses such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing and other medical related courses offer a great annual salary. A registered nurse makes an approximate annually salary of about $100,000 – $150,000.

Best nursing schools in America

We have researched the internet and have come with these top 10 best nursing schools in America for you.

Most of the nursing colleges offer financial aid to students. Financial aid which helps students to take care of the academic needs, accommodation and upkeep.

 1. Duke University

The first on our list is Duke University. This is one of the very top rated nursing colleges in America.

Duson is renowned for their highly rated MSN and DNP programs.

Duke University is a private research institution and also Christian university. It was founded and established in 1838 by Methodists and Quakers. This makes it one of the oldest institutions in the United States of America. See Coca Cola Scholarship: Application Requirements, Deadline And How To Apply

Duke University is an award wining nursing college. The National League of Nursing has recognized Duson as the center of excellence on different occasions.

The annual cost before aid is Over $77,000. Students enjoy financial aid as low as $27,000 as the annual cost.

 2. John Hopkins university

The famous John Hopkins university is one of the top rated nursing colleges in America. It ranks as #1 on

JHU is not just rated as the best in America but also one of the top in the world when it comes to nursing.

This nursing college takes pride in their MSN, DNP and online nursing programs. JHU is consider as one of she top 3 in these programs.

With their online nursing program, you will be allowed to study and finish your course at your own pace.

The institution coined its name from the famous American entrepreneur and philanthropist, John Hopkins.

It was founded in 1876, and it is situated at Baltimore, Maryland.

Pursuing your nursing career in JHU, offers you the opportunity to enjoy their financial aid. You pay as low as $29,000 annually as against the full cost of $68,000. Which is of course a great benefit.

 3. New York University

When listing or mentioning beat nursing schools in America, New York University will be on the list. New York University nursing college is one of the best rated colleges according to US News ranking.

NYU has been recognized by the National League of Nursing as the center of excellence on two occasions. At least, 80% of NYU students pass their NCLEX exams annually on their first try.

This institution was established in 1831, by New York state legislature, Albert Gallatin, the then secretary of treasury. It is one of the oldest universities in the state.

The NYU College of nursing offers DNP, MSN and PhD programs in nursing.

They provide financial aid to student. Full annual cost of $78,000 is reduced to $40,000.

 4. Emory University

The Emory University College of nursing is a prestigious institution in the United States of America. Nell Hodgson Woodruff school of nursing at Emory University takes pride in their ABSN, BSN, MSN, DNP and PhD programs in nursing.

Emory University is a Christian university and a research institution. It was established in 1826 by the Methodist Episcopal church. This university was named after a methodist bishop, John Emory.

EU college of nursing is a top rated college with an annual cost of $73,000. Students enjoy financial aid as a low as $24,000 yearly.

 5. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is renowned Institution. It bears a hallmark of excellence.

The University of Pennsylvania College of nursing is regarded as one for the highly talked about.

UPenn is said to be one of the most funded nursing schools by the NIH. This is why the full annual cost of $81,000 is reduced to $26,000 after financial aid.

UPenn nursing school offers MSN, DNP and PhD programs. Meanwhile, the MSN program in UPenn is regarded as one of the best in the country.

This institution was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. He also became the first president.

 6. University of North Carolina, chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at chapel Hill was found in 1789, by William Richardson Davie. UNC is one of the ancient institutions and still among the best schools in America.

Best nursing schools in America

The University of North Carolina nursing school features as one of the recommended nursing colleges. You can obtain doctor of philosophy in nursing at UNC. Also, they offer an RN on BSN, MSN and DNP in nursing.

With the high standards of academic performance, UNC is also one of the cheapest nursing college. Their full annual cost is $25,000 while after aid it reduces to $12,000.

 7. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is one of the top rated universities in America. It provides graduate, undergraduate and special programs.

University of Michigan is a public institution that offers excellent researches and rigorous academic campus culture.

This institution has an acceptance rate of 26% and a graduation rate of 92%. It school of nursing and medicine is rated for excellence.

University of Michigan was established in 1817. The full annual cost before aid is $31,000, while it’s $15,000 after aid.

 8. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is one of the famous Universities in America.

UR offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional degrees. It is also rated as one for the best private research institution in New York.

University of Rochester College of Nursing is rated among the best nursing schools in America. They are good in medicine and dentistry.

Cost before aid and after aid is $78,000 and $30,000 respectively.

UR is one of the sure choices to consider when considering picking up a nursing degree as an RN.

 9. University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas, Austin offers grants and financial aid to students. This aid will help in assisting students pay up their academic fees and other school expenses.

Average annual cost of university of Texas is $29,000, before aid and $18,000 after aid. An acceptance rate of 30% and graduation percentage of 80. Read also MTN Scholarship 2023: Requirements And How To Apply

The institution was established in 1883 and operate as a subsidiary of the university of Texas system.

They take pride in their graduate and undergraduate courses in different fields of study. Nursing, medical degrees and special graduate programs are offered.

10. University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles has an acceptance rate of 14%, which makes it very competitive for students to gain entry into the institution. UC has a graduation rate of 91%.

If you are looking for a great institution to pursue your nursing career, UC is a great choice. They grant undergraduate, graduate degree in medicine, public health, law and other professional courses.

Interestingly, UC offers grant and financial aid to students to enable them sort out academic bills.

A full cost of $37,000 is required annually before aid, while $14,000 is the cost after aid.

Summary on best nursing schools in America

Hope you find this article on best nursing schools in America helpful?

These schools are not the only best nursing colleges in America. Although their are also highly rated across the internet as well.


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