Best Online PhD Programs In The US

best online PhD Programs

PhD is considered as the highest level of academic qualification an individual can achieve. Here are best online PhD programs in the US for you. It is a doctoral research degree which normally takes about 3 to 4 years of full time thesis or dissertation work. It is common for people to utilise PhD for pursuing of a career in the academic field. T% of the US population holds a Doctorate degree, according to data obtained from the United States census Bureau.

PhDs are not available to just anyone to just jump in and obtain. There are qualifications to be attained before being able to pursue a PhD. There are prerequisites academic programs to be completed. Here we look at the steps to take to obtain a PhD. Before we proceed to the main focus of this piece.

Steps to Qualify for Obtaining a PhD

  • You must have competed an undergraduate program at an accredited well reputable University with a high GPA.
  • You must have completed you Masters Programme. A masters degree programme may take about 2 years, and even though it is not technically required for pursuing a PhD. It is advisable that you get it first as that is the common practice by most people.

Once you have this qualifications, you are ready to apply for a PhD.

Can I Earn a PhD Online?

Sure, you can earn a PhD online. There are many reputable and accredited institutions that make Online PhDs. Going for Online PhD requires less face to face time and physical campus presence.

Online PhDs are respected and credible. Online PhDs allows students to graduate between 3 or 4 years as it featured accelerated courses. Traditional on-campus PhD programs may take about 8 years to complete. Some select group of elite student may complete their PhD in 12 months, while a tiny number can complete theirs in 2 years.

Best Online PhD Programs in the US

Are you interests in taking your PhD online and wondering which programs in which school is the best for you? You are covered here. Below is a list of the best available online PhD Programmes in the US and some information on a few of them about what made them stand out.

Doctorate in Mathematics – Atlantic International University, Honolulu

A Doctorate of Mathematics will greatly assist students comprehension and usage of Mathematics in other knowledge fields. It is a door opener to limitless career opportunities. The opportunities include but not limited to Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Mathematics Instructor, High School Teacher, Pricing Analyst, and so on.

Many platforms that research about online PhD programmes puts Atlantic International University’s Doctorate in Mathematics at the top of the pile. The programme can be taken at the pace of full time or part time, and it is offered in three languages which are English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Doctor of Nursing (DNP) -John Hopkins University

In 2019, World report rankings and US News ranked John Hopkins online Nursing programmes Number 1 in the nation. The school continues to maintain top ranks in its programmes in Nursing and Public Health. The school runs a flexible, accessible and rigorous online Nursing Doctorate that makes nursing leaders out of its students. If Nursing is tour field and you are considering an PhD programme in that line, John Hopkins online DNP will be an ideal choice.

Nursing shortage is a challenge that needs to be addressed across the nation, and John Hopkins online DNP is a giant step in achieving that aim.

Capitol Technology University

Apart from its interesting PhD programmes, Capitol Technology University’s location creates a door o access to one of the world’s strongest job markets for students.

As the name of the school implies, its PhDs are tech based, and they include disciplines such as; data science, business analytics, cyber security, artificial intelligence, critical infrastructure, and so on. 2 to 3 years of dissertation and research work are required for most of Capitol Technology University’s online PhD Programs.

Best online PhD programs

Divinity, Theology – Regent University

If you are after finding the best online PhD Programmes in fields that concerns the Christian religion such as theology and divinity, then Regent University online PhD programmes is worth your rapt attention. Its Doctoral programmes in these lines include but not limited to;

Doctor of Strategic communication (49 credits) Doctor of Ministry (36 credits) PhD in Communication (56 credits)

The doctor of ministry equip participants with potentials and oils for leadership, effective discipleship and theological effectiveness. If Christian religion matters is your academic focus, you need not think twice before going for a choice PhD Online discipline at Regent University. It is just the best for you.

Indigenous Health, Aerospace Sciences – University of North Dakota

If any of the above two sound like a discipline you’d like to have your Online PhD thesis, dissertation, then University of North Dakota is the choice to make. The lowest tuition and fees in the region are paid by students of this school.

University of North Dakota was founded in 1883, and it prides itself as a pioneer in innovative programming. Almost half of the schools students, (a figure numbering about 7000) study online. Its PhD in Indigenous health helps in preparation of experts for indigenous population healthcare needs. The programme is the first of its kind in North America.

The center for aerospace learning managed by University of North Dakota is a quite renowned one. It affords student the opportunity of to earn a 90 credit PhD in aerospace science. Duration fit this can be between 4-7 years.

PhD in Business Administration – Trident University

The Trident university PhD in business administration program is offered completely online. Travellings and relocations aren’t needed during the entire duration of the programme. The development of tomorrow’s scholars, researchers, teachers, is the target of the programme. Founded in 1998, Trident University is located in Cypress, California.

It’s PhD programs are one of the best online PhD programs in the US. It is structured in such a way that students are able to meet up with other commitments such as family, work and so on even while pursuing their PhD. The school has graduated over 27000 adult students, military and veterans. It earned an A+ rating from the Business Bureau in 2015.

Its program makes you a part of an online passionate community of learners once you are on board. If this seems like what you like and fits into your academic field of focus, then its a a go for you.

Other Best Online PhD Programs in the US

  • Johnson University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • George Washington University
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Alabama

These are some of the other great institutions with reputable online PhDs.
Which ever you chose to select among all these options is a good go for you. Make your choice and please share this piece while at it.

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