Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad And Their Annual Average Tuition 

Searching the internet for the cheapest countries to study abroad can be exhausting and futile when you fail to get the school that fits your budget. In this post, a list of affordable countries has been for prospective international students.

Read on to find out which of the listed countries you would like to enroll for and pursue your academic career.

The tuition fee, accommodation and the cost of living in a foreign country are factors one should consider properly. Although, most countries allow students to work and study in order to fend for themselves. Some offer academic support to foreign students, while others give scholarships.

However, the cost of the country especially to foreign students should never be overlooked. The countries mentioned here are not just affordable, they also offer high quality education and standard academic system.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

The cost of studying abroad is very high when you compare it to studying in your local universities. However, the benefits are commensurately high as well. Let me show you some of the advantages of being an international student.

 1. Discover Career opportunities:

There are careers you might never know until you visit other countries. International students tend to find out better career opportunities they didn’t know existed. Most of these opportunities are very lucrative and less competitive.

 2. Learn foreign languages:

It offers you the benefit of learning other languages like French, Chinese and others depending on the country you school. Aside learning foreign languages, you will learn more about other people’s culture and way of life.

 3. Build network:

It offers you the opportunity to build a super network that you would not have built studying at home. Since you are interacting with different people from different countries, you will become friends and undertake projects together. This will help build bond with them and increase your network of friends.

 4. Boost your confidence:

Studying abroad has a way of boosting your confidence and self pride. You can practically stand and defend yourself without fear or anxiety.

 5. Experience a unique educational system:

As against your country’s educational system, you will learn and study in a more standard educational facility. A different style and comfortable way of teaching and conducive learning. You will experience a fast and easy academic pattern.

 6. Boost your curriculum vitae:

When seeking for job or an employment, you will stand a better chance to be picked above others. Employers will want to employ you because they believe you must have passed through better learning process. You will stand a better chance of taking the job offer over others.

 7. Broaden your perspective about life:

Your view of life will automatically change when you leave your country to study abroad. You will see things differently from how you viewed them before. As you share ideas with other students, you learn new things and unlearn obsolete ones.

 8. Use your spare time to make some money:

It’s not strange that studying abroad will allow you have a free time. For most foreign students, they use this free time to do a job or two. This jobs will help them pay bills and have extra for other needs. Some get paid as high as $30-60 per hour.

 9. Sharpen your English proficiency:

Studying abroad will avail you the opportunity to mix up and interact with people from different countries. While you engage them on a daily basis, you tend to improve in your spoken and written English. Before the end of your study year, you will be used to speaking rightly.


Cheapest countries to study abroad

Here are some of the very affordable countries you should consider when applying for admission as an international student.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

1. Austria: Cheapest countries to study abroad. Average annual tuition €900-4000

Austria is one of the cheapest countries you should consider traveling to for your studies. The country is a schengen country. You can travel freely from Austria to other schengen nations. Although, tuition fee vary from institutions and the program you are offering.

Some of the institutions in Austria take as low as €700 per annum, while other take up to €3000. Graduate programs pay more and the cost vary from school to school.

Interestingly, you can pay this tuition in installment. That is, paying in bit until you complete the tuition fee. Isn’t this awesome?

Popular schools in Austria

Let’s look at some of the popular and very affordable institutions in Austria you should look out for.

  •  University of Vienna.
  •  The University of Graz
  •  University of Salzburg.
  •  Tu wien
  •  Johannes Kepler university Linz.
  •  University of Innsbruck

These universities are not just affordable but are well highly ranked and popular. They are rated as best universities by QS world university rankings and other world universities ranking platforms.


2. Mexico: Cheapest countries to study abroad. Average annual tuition $500-10,000

Mexico is also one of the popular and cheapest countries to study abroad. It is home to the ancient Mayan culture, with over 30 UNESCO world heritage sites. Living in Mexico as an international student afford you the opportunity to explore and see the world.

The standard of living in this nation is very cheap for residents and foreign students. Tuition fee is also very low. However, it varies from school to school and the program you are offering. It’s way more cheaper for undergraduate but not too high for post graduate and graduate programs.

Public schools pay as low as $400 per annum while private pay over $1,000 for undergraduate programs. It is usually higher for masters, doctors and PhD programs.

Monthly cost of living is very low and students have the opportunity to work and study.

Popular schools in Mexico

Here are some of the popular and best universities to look out for in Mexico before applying as an international student.

  •  Tecnologico de Monterrey
  •  Universidad Anahuac Mexico
  •  Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  •  De Universidad panamericana
  •  Universidad Iberoamericana

These universities are top rated by THE Ranking and other world university Rankings. There are also other nice rated universities in Mexico aside the ones mentioned here.


3. Spain: Cheapest countries to study abroad. Average annual tuition €700-7000

Spain has one of the best scenery in Europe. The country is holds a beautiful tourist location in the world. Aside being a tourist nation, it is also an awesome place with great educational standard.

The tuition fee vary from university to university and it factored on the program you wish to go for. Public school charge as low as €700-1350, while private charge more.

There is also disparity in tuition fee between undergraduate and graduate programs. Click here to read about best online RN-BSN programs.

Popular schools in Spain

Below are some of the popular and top rated schools in Spain.

  •  Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  •  University of Barcelona
  •  Universidad Complutense de madrid
  •  Autonomous University of Barcelona
  •  Autonomous University of Madrid

These universities are top rated universities and are captured by QS world university ranking.


4. Norway: Cheapest countries to study abroad. Average annual tuition $800-5,000

Norway has beautiful scenery for students who wish to also explore. The country offers academic support to international students. Studying in Norway is very affordable and the cost of living is fair. Although the cost of living in Norway is way more higher than the academic expenses. You can pay as low as $50 for semester fee in some of their universities. Norway offer tuition free programs and scholarships to residents and international students.

Popular Schools in Norway

These are some of the best rated universities in Norway.

  •  University of Oslo.
  •  Norwegian University of science and technology.
  •  University of bergen.
  •  University of Tromso, the arctic University of Norway.

You can apply for their scholarship program as an international student. While studying, you can also work one or more jobs to fend for yourself.


5. Taiwan: Cheapest countries to study abroad. Average annual tuition $1,500-$10,000

Taiwan is a fast growing Asian country that encourages international students to study in the country. Unlike other countries that teach in foreign language, Taiwan teaches in English language. This makes it very much attractive and easy for foreign students to adapt.

The cost of living in Taiwan is affordable and the tuition is relatively cheap. Although, the tuition fee vary from schools, the programs and your level.

Students pay tuition fee as low as $1500. You are allowed to work and study so as to fend for yourself and pay bills.

Popular Schools in Taiwan

You should consider some of these institutions when picking a school in Taiwan.

  •  National Taiwan University
  •  National Cheng Kung university
  •  The national Taiwan university of science and technology
  •  Tsinghua University

All these universities are popular and top rated.

Summary on Cheapest Countries to Study

These are some of the cheapest countries to study abroad as an international student. However, before leaving your country to study abroad, you need to count your cost properly.

It comes with great benefits being a foreign student but also has its own demerits as well.

Great achievement most times comes with great sacrifices. Stay focus and determined and you will have your goal of studying Abroad come to reality.

If you find this post helpful, kindly drop your comments and share to family and friends. Thanks for reading

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