Cheapest Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Are you a registered nurse who desire to pursue more qualifications in the field of nursing? There are great offers and opportunities for you to gain authority and expertise as a nurse practitioner. We have compiled a list of high ranking, credible and cheapest online nurse practitioner programs for your benefit. Read on to find more about the duty of a nurse practitioner, why you should pick an accredited online program and what to lookout in online nurse practitioner programs.

Nurse practitioner are in high demand in every standard and reputed mental health care centers. They receive jaw dropping salaries and respect in every specialty. However, this comes with the acquiring the right qualifications from the accredited institution online or in real time.

What Does a Nurse Practitioner Do?

Nurse practitioner is an advance aspect of nursing that requires licensing and further training. Nurse practitioner covers psychiatric mental health, family nurse, pediatric care and adult gerontology.

As a nurse practitioner, you provide care, diagnose health states and conditions, carry out test, prescribe treatment and offer medications. You offer care to patients in public and private hospitals. As an NP, you are trained to work in rural areas, clinics, homes and other health care facilities.

The job of a nurse practitioner is a highly paid job. It is also a fast growing job for nurses. As a registered and duly qualified NP, you are likely to earn over $120,000 per annum.

Is online Nurse Practitioner Program Accreditation Important?

Yes it is very important. In fact, it a must and a Requirement that all schools offering NP programs must be accredited. For you to graduate and be given a license as an NP, your institution must be approved and declared accredited by The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, CCNE.

Taking an NP program in an accredited school will allow you access student loans and grants from the government. Employers might not consider employing you if you did not graduate from an approved school. Your certificate might not be recognized when you apply for a license at The American Academy of Nurse Practitioner Certification Board, AANPCB.

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These and more are reasons why you need to enroll in an accredited nurse practitioner program.

What to look out for in online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Here are important things to consider before applying for NP program in any school. The right online nurse practitioner programs should have the following in place.

  • Proper accreditation of the program by CCNE.
  • The program length should not be unnecessarily long. Two years for full time and three for part time at most.
  •  A great clinical experience should be available.
  •  The graduation and pass rate of the school should be high.
  •  Easy access to online materials from the school is a factor to look out for.

These are the basic things you should consider before enrolling into any online program. Although there are other factors but these are the basic.

Cheapest online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Let us now look at the cheapest online nurse practitioner programs. These programs are duly accredited and approved, so you do not need to worry.

 1. The university of West Florida

The university of West Florida is one of the affordable and cheapest online nurse practitioner programs you should consider.

This public institution was founded in the year 1963, as part of the state university system of Florida.

University of West Florida is duly accredited by CCNE. It has an acceptance rate of 30%, over 60% of online enrollment, with 50% graduation rate.

The university of West Florida is notable for their MSN in family nurse practitioner and offers bridge programs for RN to BSN.

It cost just $500 per credit. This fee is cheap when compared to other universities.

Admission Requirements for UWF

To be eligible to apply for admission in the university of West Florida, you must have the following:

  •  Your current RN license.
  •  Your bachelor of science in Nursing.
  •  Well written resume.
  •  Properly drafted goal statement.
  •  A minimum of 3.0 GPA.

 2. Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private university offering affordable online nurse practitioner program. It is a highly placed Jesuit university that has been offering quality online NP programs for several years.

This highly rated University is well accredited by CCNE. It has an admission rate of 14%, online acceptance rate of 15% and a massive 93% graduation rate.

Georgetown University offer family nurse practitioner program for MSN and tuition fee of $2,200 per credit.

Cheapest Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Graduate of Georgetown University stand the chance of earning over $100,000 per annum after two years of graduation.

Admission Requirements for Georgetown University.

Here are admission requirements for applicants that wish to apply for an NP in this university.

  •  A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.
  •  Well written resume.
  •  Your current RN license
  •  A BSN
  •  A video interview is required.
  •  Three letters of recommendation.
  •  Well drafted goal statement.

 3. University of Southern Indiana

The university of Southern Indiana is one of the best rated and also very affordable online NP programs. They offer concentration on family NP, PMHNP, adult primary care NP, gerontology acute care NP.

Interestingly, USI offer financial aid to recipients with 24 hours, 7 days online course. They have a high percentage of online enrollment, 92% admission rate and over 50% graduation rate. The university of Southern Indiana is accredited by HLC. The annual tuition fee of USI is $5,000

Admission Requirements for USI

These are some of the major criteria for applying NP in the university of Southern Indiana.

  •  A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.
  •  You must hold a BSN relevant to the course.
  •  Recently issued RN license is required.
  •  At least two letter of recommendation.
  •  A legal transcript and application letter.
  •  Well drafted resume.
  •  A 42-44 credit is required.

 4. Middle Georgia State university

The middle Georgia state university offers online program on nurse practitioner. This two years online program requires a compulsory two days long intensives class twice every semester. They offer a concentration on Adult/gerontology acute care which requires an MSN.

Students get exposed to proper clinical experience, management and leadership skill in their online program.

It takes 43-44 credit and 630 clinical hours and students can complete their clinical requirements at Georgia hospital.

The rate of financial aid offered by the school is over 90%. A good rate of online enrollment, over 90% acceptance rate and about 30% graduation rate. The annual tuition fee is approximately $6,000

Admission Requirements for Middle Georgia state university

Here are some of the requirements you should meet before applying for an NP.

  •  A minimum of 3.0 GPA
  •  At least one year of professional practice.
  •  A bachelor of science in nursing.
  •  You must possess a recent RN license.
  •  Well written resume.
  •  Three letters of recommendation.
  •  Well written statement goal.

 5. Purdue University Global

The Purdue University Global has a high online acceptance rate for both graduate and undergraduate programs. They are duly approved and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, HLC.

Purdue University Global financial aid recipients is at 75%. This means that they offer support to students to take care of their academic expenses.

They offer DNP Pathways, MSN in family NP primary care population, MSN in adult NP and adult acute care NP.

Admission Requirements for Purdue University Global

Some of the requirements are listed below

  •  A minimum of 3.0 GPA.
  •  At least one year of professional practice.
  •  A recently issued RN license.
  •  A bachelor of science in Nursing.
  •  Letters of recommendation.
  •  A resume and goal statement.


Summary on Cheapest online nurse practitioner programs


There are other well accredited, affordable and cheapest online nurse practitioner programs not mentioned here.

Studying online is usually very convenient especially for students who are gainfully employed. It affords you the time to do other duties and still attend classes.

If you find this post helpful and valuable, kindly share and drop your comments at the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

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