Disability Pension: Everything You Need To Know About Disability Pension Support In Australia

Disability Pension: Everything You Need To Know About Disability Pension Support In Australia

Are you searching online for information regarding the Australian disability pension? Search no more. This article features all you need to know about the Australian disability pension support. Read on!

The Australian Government provide financial aid to people with disability to help them with their day to day activities. The government is focused on people from age 16–64 to receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP).

About The Disability Pension In Australia

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is a source of income to support people who are aged 16 and above but less than Pension Age (at claim). The payment is made only to people who have reduced capacity to work because of their disability.

This include the following:

  • People who are permanently blind, or
  • have a physical or psychological condition which affects the person negatively making him/her unable to work for 15 hours or more in a week for the next 2 years due to the disability and
  • Is unable, as a result of the disability, to partake in a training activity which would equip him/her for work within the next 2 years.

Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients are also advised to be involved in employment where they have the capacity to, and can receive income from the benefits of working, including improved wellbeing.

Once you are qualified for the Age Pension, and if you are already on Disability Support Pension (DSP) you may remain on it but the payment is closed to newcomers.

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is administered through Services Australia. It assists disabled Austrian Citizens to meet the everyday costs of living.

How Much Is Disability Pension In Australia?

If you are 21 years old or more, with or without children, or younger than 21 years with a child in your custody. The table below shows your pension rate:

Pension Rate Per Fortnight Single Couple Each
Maximum basic rate $882.20 $665.00
Maximum pension supplement $71.20 $53.70
Energy supplimet $14.10 $10.60
Total $967.50 $729.30


If You Are Younger Than 21 Years Old

If you are younger than 21 years old and don’t have any child in your custody, there are different rates. In a case like this, the amount of Disability Support Pension (DSP) you get depends on whether you are assessed as dependent or independent.

You’ll be asked some questions about your situation when you apply for a claim. You may need to provide a proof of your living situation, relationship or work status when you apply for a claim. And if your situation changes, you’ll need to inform the DSP.

However, it doesn’t really matter if you’re dependent or independent, your parents’ or guardians’ income will not affect the amount of your DSP payment.

Your Situation Maximum Rate Per Fortnight
For singles, younger than 18 and dependent $450.30
For singles, younger than 18 and independent $666.90
For single at age 18 – 20 and dependent $503.50
For single 18 – 20 and independent $666.90
For couples younger than age 21 $666.90


Who Is Eligible For Disability Support Pension (DSP) In Australia

To be eligible for Disability Support Pension (DSP) you need to have lived in Australia for at least 10 years in total. For at least 5 of these years, there must be no change in country of residence.


The Australian Government provides financial assistance for people with permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that prevent them from working.

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