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amazon virtual jobs

Amazon is rated as the top internet retail platform in the United States and the world. The interesting part of it is that you can comfortably work for Amazon from home.

The Amazon remote or virtual job is available to qualified individuals in certain areas.
Working for Amazon comes with mouth-watering salary and benefits.

Read on to find out things you need to know about Amazon virtual jobs

Full Lists

Virtual job opportunity in Amazon is not available in all areas. Although, they are great number of virtual jobs in Amazon online retail platform, but are available to qualified applicants. Read Kentucky Retirement System 

Let us look at some of the Amazon virtual jobs for you.

1. Digital Marketing Specialist ($57,000 – $100,000 Annually)

Amazon are looking for individuals who are willing to solve business problems using technological approach.

As a Digital marketing specialist, you will design, build, test and manage costumers specific landing pages, email, organic and paid media campaigns.

Requirements for Digital Marketing Specialist

To be a digital marketing specialist in Amazon, you should be good at the following:

  • Paying attention to details.
  • Good interpersonal communication skill in writing and speech.
  • Must be good at quantitative, analytic and problem solving.
  • You must own a BSc in business, technology, marketing or related field.
  • Good project management experience.
  • You must be quick in learning new tools and technologies.
  • Must be good at the basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

2. Learning and Development Specialist ($100,800 – $121,000 Annually)

Amazon learning and development specialist job is usually a full time job but virtual locations are considered. The base for the job is in Seattle, Nashville or at one of their regional office locations.

Learning and development professionals are needed to join pathway leadership development program team. To develop high potential military personnel and graduate with MBA in engineering, supply chain, logistics or similar courses.

The job requires the knowledge of designing and delivery of learning solutions for pathways.

Requirements for learning and development specialist

Here are the requirements for Amazon learning and development specialist job

  • Good communication skill and interaction.
  • Must be experienced in supervisory and operational duties.
  • An advanced degree or certificate in adult learning, human resources, human performance technology, training delivery and evaluation.
  • Develop and maintain new and running training courses.
  • Willing to partner with learning design team to design new initiatives.

3. Non Tech Recruiter, Amazon Studios ($69,500 – $121,600 Annually)

The world is evolving and things are changing. So also are problems and human needs in propagation.
This is why Amazon studio need professionals in their movies and television development and production arm.

Amazon is currently looking for professional non Tech Recruiter to aid the hiring and critical recruiting programs for their growing US team. See also IRS Code 290 On Transcript: What It Really Means

Requirements for Amazon non-tech recruiters, Amazon Studios

The requirements for this Amazon job are as follows.

  • Entrants must posses a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent experience.
  • At least two years experience of corporate nontechnical recruitment.
  • A minimum of three years experience of support and influencing for senior leadership.
  • Entertainment recruiting experience.
  • Great negotiation and excellent communication skills.
  • Must have good analytical skill.

4. Exam Technical Editor, certification ($74,000 – $129,800 Annually)

Amazon pay very attractive salaries to both remote and office staffs. That is why getting a chance to work with them is highly competitive. Due to the structure and reputation of the Amazon company, only experience and professionals are staffed.

The exam Technical Editor, certification job in Amazon requires applicants with related job experiences and expertise.
This is why Amazon web service is seeking this category of workers to create, edit, produce and drive quality standards. To build and maintain Amazon web service technical certificate exams for global delivery.

Requirements for Amazon exam tech editor, certification.

To become eligible to apply for this job, here are what is required.

  • You must posses at least a BSc in technical communications, English or related field.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in creating and editing content.
  • At least three years of editing exam/technical content.
  • A good experience in versatile project management.

5. Corporate Employee Relations Principal ($130,000 – $155,000 Annually)

Amazon is seeking for an Employee relations principal. An ER with a demonstrated passion for building innovative new programs and teams.

One who has excellence in risk reduction and management. An ER who can develop programs to empower the next generation of high performing and empathic leaders.

The entrant should have an excellent communication skill. Run and manage programs effectively. The ER must be willing to teach, coach and educate employees.

Requirements for Amazon corporate employee relations principal.

Apart from being able to teach, lead and build teams and programs as an ER, here are other criteria for employment.

  • The prospecting ER must posses at least a bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
  • At least five years of experience in the relevant field.
  • Excellent leadership and decisions making ability.
  • Good oratory and writing skill.
  • Must be willing to lead and stay at the job.

Summary on Amazon virtual jobs

Thanks for reading about the Amazon virtual jobs on this page.

The number of available remote and office jobs in Amazon is countless. All that is required is your expertise and qualifications for the one you wish to opt in for.

Working from home for Amazon is of enormous benefit and the salary is mouth watering.

Here are list of some of the jobs at Amazon you may wish to try out.

  1. Jobs in human resources.
  2. Amazon Healthcare job.
  3. Risk mitigation manager.
  4. Software development engineer.
  5. Marketing and sales specialists.
  6. Amazon customer service Jobs.
  7. Principal advisory consultants. Etc

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