MTN Scholarship 2023: Requirements And How To Apply

MTN Scholarship 2022: Requirements And How To Apply

In this guide, we’ll be talking about MTN Scholarship 2023, the requirements and how to apply. Read on!

Scholarship opportunities apart from taking financial burdens off shoulders of a student also create other numerous side benefits. Scholarships has saved a lot of futures and has rescued many lives who would have dropped by the wayside in their educational pursuits.

Launched in Nigeria in August 2001, MTN is a leading multinational mobile telecommunications giant in the country and part of the MTN group, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company has operations in 22 countries, and services offered by MTN includes but not limited to Data, Voice calls, Financial Technology, Network, and so on.

About MTN Scholarship

MTN scholarship programme started 12 years ago, with the MTN Science and Technology Scholarship. It has since added two other scholarship programmes, the MTN scholarship for blind students, and the Top 10 UTME Scholarship.

  • MTN Science and Technology Scholarship

300 students are awarded this scholarships annually, and the amount is #200,000 annually. The scholarship is for 300 level students in Tech and Science related disciplines in colleges of education, Polytechnics and Universities in Nigeria.

  • The MTN Top Ten UTME Scholarship

MTN started the top 10 UTME Scholarship scheme in 2020. It is targeted at ten students who has the highest scores in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for the year. The winners are awarded #200,000 annually from their. 100 level to their graduation year.

This scholarship scheme is awarded to the student independent of if the institution of learning chosen by the student is a public or private institution, or consideration for the students field of study.

  • MTN Scholarship for Blind Students

The Scholarship is 10 years old in 2021 and is targed on Blind students in 200 level in any Public Tertiary institution of learning in Nigeria, Polytechnic, University or College of Education. Like the Science and Technology Scholarship, the Scholarship for Blind Students is also worth #200,000 annually and 60 winners are selected every year.

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Qualifications And Requirement To Apply For MTN Foundation Scholarship

The eligibility criteria you need to meet up with to apply for the MTN Foundation Scholarship depend on the one you are targeting among the three schemes. Here are the qualifications for each of the three.

  • To qualify as an applicant for MTN Science and Technology Scholarship, you must;
  • Be a Nigerian by Nationality
  • Currently be 300 level student of a Nigerian Tertiary institution of learning, either a University, Polytechnic or College of Education.
  • Must be studying a course in any of the available Science and Technology disciplines
  • Must have the required GPA and maintain such to keep benefiting from the award in the years to follow till graduation if he/she wins the award
  • Must be ready to provide documents such as proof of CGPA, JAMB admission letter, a valid means of identification, or in the case of HND students, HND admission letter.

For MTN Scholarship for the Blind, the qualifications are;

  • A completely visually impaired individual at 200 level in a Nigerian Tertiary institution
  • The discipline course of study doesn’t matter here as any field is accepted
  • Must maintain the required CGPA every year till graduation to keep benefiting from the scheme
  • Must provide all needed documentations as stated in the Science and Technology Scholarship requirement.

For the Top 10 UTME Scholarship, the qualification is automatic, as the Scholarships are awarded to the 10 candidates with the highest score in UTME for the year.

However, upon entry into the institution of choice, the candidate must maintain the required grades to keep enjoying the Scholarship.

How To Apply For The MTN Foundation Scholarship

Applications for any category of the three scholarship schemes can be submitted online on the MTN website.

To get started, visit

This is all you need to know about MTN Foundation Scholarship. The 2021/2023 edition closed in August 15 2021. Reopening for 2023/2023 is still being expected. Get prepared for it, and please share this piece for wider reach and benefit.

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