Syracuse University Tuition, Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

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About Syracuse University

Syracuse University is located in New York. It is a private research university whose roots can be easily traced to the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary that was established by the Methodist Eliscot church in Lima on 1831. There was a resolve to enlarge the institution from a seminary to a college in 1850, or perhaps to connect a college with a seminary named Genesee.

Issues like the school’s location being insufficiently central and the next set of technological changes got the college to start looking for a new location, and this is the same time that Syracuse was searching for a University to bring to the city. A New York state approval was obtained by Genesee in 1869 which allows the school to move to Syracuse.

However, a court injunction to block the move was obtained by Lima. This made the school to stay in Lima till 1875, and by that time, in 1870, the court injunction had been mooted by the establishment of Syracuse University. The new Syracuse University was granted it’s own charter by the New York state on the 24th of march 1870. Syracuse first administrative leader until the appointment of it’s Chancellor was Reverend Daniel Steele.

The Methodist Church subscribed an endowment of $400,000, while the city of Syracuse also offered $100,000 for the establishment of the school. Judge Comstock F., A member of the new Syracuse University board of trustees offered 50 acres of land to the school on a hillside in a location to the city centre’s southeast.

Rapid building spree was engaged in Syracuse University in the late 1880s. Modern languages and physical sciences are the disciplines the universities offer courses in since it’s inception. It later added one of the first architectural programmes in the US on 1873, and the first bachelor of fine arts degree in 1874. Syracuse offers it first postgraduate courses in the college of arts and sciences in 1876.

John B. Archbold and James R.Day are the two minds responsible for the accelerated growth of Syracuse University from a liberal arts college to a comprehensive university.

Syracuse University transformed into a major research institution after World War II, with the school witnessing increase in enrolment due courtesy of the G I bill. The G. I. bill created paid tuition, a small allowance and room and board for veterans of the just concluded Second Second World War.

Syracuse has over 200 advanced degree programmes which cuts across 13 schools and colleges. The school has about 6000 graduate students, and a quarter of them came from Universities that are outside of the US.

Currently, Syracuse is ranked among the top 65 universities in the United States. Syracuse prides itself in it’s commitments to investing in research.

Syracuse University, Admission Requirements, Eligibility.

Do you want to be considered for admission at Syracuse University, or do you know of someone who does? Here are the admission requirements you will need to meet up with to qualify for consideration for admit to Syracuse.

you must have graduated from or be enrolled in a secondary school that is accredited.

  • you need to meet the university’s GPA requirement. Some schools are know to specialize their exact GPA requirement for applicants, but many schools don’t, and one can only figure out the school’s GPA requirement by getting the average GPA of the school’s admitted students. It is also common forost schools to use weighed GPA of 4.0. The average GPA at Syracuse University is 3.67, which means the school expects applicant stop be well above average if they are to be considered for admission to Syracuse.
  • Scholastic Admission Test or the American College Test is required to enter Syracuse. The school has no SAT announced SAT cut-off, but it is common knowledge that there will always be a hidden one lurking in the background. Therefore, it is advisable you get a high score in your SAT or ACT to get into Syracuse University. The average SAT score for Syracuse University currently is 1,275. The average ACT score is 28.
  • Also, you need to meet other college specific requirements and standardized test policies. You can easily fin them on the school’s website.

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for International graduate students;

  • you are required to submit your English language proficiency test score(s) such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Test Service.
  • A copy of document containing record of all your previous secondary school education.
  • All the transcripts must be translate to english upon submission in case it was not in the english language beforehand.
  • you must demonstrate the capacity of having sufficient funding for at least the first year of study.

Syracuse University Acceptance Rate

It can be quite challenging to get into Syracuse University. The admission process is moderately competitive, and this is made so obvious by the academic entry requirement scores. Syracuse does not announce it’s acceptance rate. However, data gathered from various spruces puts the acceptance rate of Syracuse University at 68.7%. If this is not too much of a difficulty to you, then off you go to put in for Syracuse.

Syracuse University Tuition Fees

How much does or can Syracuse University tuition cost? Here we take a look at the fee/cost structure of Syracuse University. Average direct billable and non billable costs include; Tuition is $55,920, housing and meals is 16,895, books and supplies $1582, Miscellaneous 1,671, transportation $719, personal expenses $1,109, and health insurance $2,143. Total pijr together comes to an average of $80,039.

Syracuse University, How to Apply

Syracuse University Tuition
Here are the steps for suggested to be followed by Syracuse University for those planning to apply for admission to the school.

  • Review the School’s application deadlines, requirements and guidelines.
  • View the checklist of your application.
  • Complete your application via the common application.
  • check well to see if any additional materials is required by your college.
  • send the required standardized test scores.

These are the steps to take in the process of applying for entry into Syracuse University. For more details on Syracuse University Tuition click here


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