Teachers Pension: Everything You Need To Know About Teachers Pension Scheme UK

Hey there! Have you been searching online on how the teachers’ pension scheme work in the UK? You’re at the right place. This article features an explanation of how the teachers’ pension scheme work. Read on!

What Is Teachers’ Pension Scheme?

Citizens committed to teaching the nation’s children in the best possible environment are entitled to pension after retirement. That is why the scheme was created to provide monthly income for teachers after retirement, this income is based on the teacher’s earnings over his/her career.

However, there was a major change to the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme on the 1st of April 2015, and the amount of money teacher’s receive when they finally claim their pension will depend on when they joined the scheme.

Which Teachers’ Pension Applies To Me?

The type of Teachers’ Pension Scheme and how much you’ll earn in retirement depends greatly on when you joined the scheme and your time of retirement from when changes were made to the scheme in 2015.

How far you were from retirement in 2015 will determine whether your pension will be based on your final salary received or on your career average earnings. Some retirees who used to be in the final salary scheme have been moved by the scheme into the career average arrangement. Read IRS Code 290 On Transcript: What It Really Means

Furthermore, different arrangements were put in place for members who are close to retirement. The arrangements are as follows:

  • Protected scheme members
  • Tapered scheme members
  • Transition scheme members
  • New scheme members

Teachers Pension Contributions

Both permanent and temporary workers pay a percentage of their monthly income into the pension scheme. This is in addition to the employer contributions and you’ll also receive pension tax relief on your contributions.

The table below shows the pension contribution rates for 2023 – 2023

Teachers Pension Contribution Rate

Salary Range

Contribution Rate


£0 – £28,310



£28,311 – £38,109



£38,110 – £45,186



£45,187 – £59,886










Teacher’s Pension Calculator Online

You can use the teacher’s pension calculator online feature at the teacher’s pension official website https://www.teacherspensions.co.uk/members/calculators/want-to-retire-early.aspx

The calculator can tell the following:

  • Your full pension after inputting all the necessary information
  • Your lump sum amount and basic pension amount if you want to retire early.
  • The comparison between your full basic and lump sum pension.
  • The percentage of your unreduced pension if you want to retire early, this include both your basic pension and lump sum.
  • Your highest lump sum and residual pension.

When Can I Collect My Teacher’s Pension?

The acceptable age you can access your pension also known as your ‘normal pension age’, depends greatly on the arrangements that covers you.

Protected members: Protected members who remain in the final salary scheme, will have a normal pension age of 60 to 65, this age also depends on when they entered pensionable service

Tapered and transition members: Members under this arrangement will have benefits from both the final salary and career average schemes, they will also likely have more than one pension age.

New members: Members on this arrangement will benefit from only the career average scheme, and they have a pension age of either the state of residence pension age or 65 years, whichever is the later date.


Teachers’ Pensions Scheme are responsible for administrating the Teachers’ Pension Fund to retired teachers on behalf of the Department for Education.

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