The Most Liveable Cities in the World 2023

Most Liveable Cities In The World

There are cities and there are cities! All cities are inhabited, but classes differ in many positive aspects. Some cities are superb in antiquities. Some house great museums. Some have wonderful tourist attractions. Some are designed with comfort that can be described as ‘out of this world’.

Some cities are famous for their peace and serenity. Some are known for monuments. Every great name city in the world has its positive unique peculiarity. Here we are going to be looking at the most liveable cities around the world.

What Is A Livable City? 

A livable city is a city with a high level of living suitability, one which provides equitable access to all life necessities. These life necessities include but may not be limited to; food, mobility, education, housing and so on. A liveable city is a city that provides access to cultural, civic and economic life for its citizens.

The factors on which the livability index rankings are based can be divided into five, which are; infrastructure, environment and culture, stability, and healthcare.

Looking through the major cities in the world, it may be a bit of a shock that there are cities whose names will ring a bell anywhere it is mentioned in the world but surprisingly do not feature on the list of the world’s most liveable cities.

You would have expected to see names such as New York, Washington DC, London, Paris and so on topping the group but is just not so. The British, The Americans, or the French did not really boss the group this time around. Surprising names such as Australia boss the list.

Putting it crudely, the list of the most liveable cities in the world can be one bundle of surprises with shocking inclusions and exclusions. Having said this, let us go ahead and explore them, shall we?

Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World 2023

  • Auckland (New Zealand)

When we are making a list of the most liveable cities around the world, it is a common fact that there are some cities that have always featured consistently in the top 10.

One of them is Auckland, in New Zealand. Many organisations ranking the most liveable cities in the world such as The EIU (Economics Intelligence Unit) put Auckland at the top of the pile.

Auckland topped many lists of the most livable cities in the world courtesy of the liveability criteria it scored so high in before, plus the added perk of its good handling of the COVID-19 pandemic management, which dwarfs that of many other great cities and nations across the world

  • Adelaide (Australia)

Adelaide is regarded as the cosmopolitan capital of South Australia. The city is popular for its great museums, nice wine and food in its restaurant and bars, its incredible art galleries, and see the calendar parked with festivals and events.

Adelaide is number two among the most populous cities in Australia, and it is South Australia’s largest city. Its location is a region that is regarded as unique and famous globally.

  • Osaka (Japan)

With a good neighbourhood, perfect transport setup, clean and good streets, plus its attraction to foreigners Osaka (Japan) featured solidly among the most liveable cities in the world.

The city also scored high in healthcare, education, and stability. Also, its COVID 19 response and handling have been and remain top-notch, which further cemented its place at the top group

  • Melbourne (Australia)

For about seven years or more, Melbourne has been ranked by many platforms and organizations consistently as the most liveable city in the world. The reasons are not far-fetched. The city’s features make it well qualified for the position.

Melbourne has an infrastructure that is best described as world-class. In terms of stability, healthcare and education too, Melbourne carries the day. Many individuals from different parts of the globe agreed that Melbourne is the best city to live study and work.

The city provides great job opportunities, and its universities are ranked among the ones at the top across the world. Its crime rate also is quite low. Therefore, ranking Melbourne over the years as the most liveable city in the world has not been a mistake. Even though Melbourne has dropped from the first position recent, it still remains in the top ten

  • Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich, the Swiss city is another popular name that made it to the top of the most liveable cities in the world.

The city boasts of a timely transport system, rich cultural atmosphere, great infrastructure, and many points of attractions and interest. Zurich is considered the economic hub of Switzerland.

  • Tokyo (Japan)

The Japanese capital and the world’s largest city not only lead by example when it comes to infrastructure but it is also acknowledged as one of the best food destinations accords the globe.

Many platforms ranking the most liveable cities in the world gave Tokyo a full perfect figure in the area of stability, and health. Its ratings in the educational environment and culture are also at an excellent level. Add to that the historical significance of the city and it just keeps getting better.

If you desire to live in one of the most liveable cities in Asia, Tokyo should definitely rank among your top consideration.

  • Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but despite this, the city’s great score in healthcare, beauty, and a perfectly set transport system plus its handling of the Covid 19 crisis gets it into the top 10.

It’s not a surprise to see Switzerland featuring more than once in this list as it is actually almost become the norm.

The country is home to many headquarters of the world and European international associations. Geneva is regarded as the home of the red cross, so its great healthcare setup may therefore not be much of a surprise.

Others In The Top 10

Other cities that made the top 10 of the list of the most liveable cities in the world in 2023 are;

  • Brisbane (Australia)
  • Perth (Australia)
  • Wellington (New Zealand)

Others Outside The Top 10

Other cities around the world that make it to the top of the list of most liveable cities in 2023 are;

  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Paris (France)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Toronto (Canada)
  • Munich (Germany)
  • Shanghai (China)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Helsinki (Finland)
  • Beijing (China)
  • Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • New York (United States of America)


This is where we pause on the list of the most liveable countries around the world in the year 2023. If you are looking forward to relocating to one of the world’s top most liveable cities, or perhaps you want to go there for a holiday or a nice time, this list will come in handy for you.

You can flip through and make a selection you best believe fits you.  While you are at it, do not forget to hit the share button below this piece to inform others too.

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